Local Moving Guide For A Smooth Move

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Local Moving Guide For A Smooth Move

If you’re the type of person who cannot sit still at one place for a long period of time, then you share similarities to “movers”. Movers are individuals who, due to personal choice or professional reasons, move from one state to another.

For some, it is an arduous task, but for others, like military families, they are used to picking up their stuff, moving to another state and starting all over again.

It takes a lot of guts and less sentimentality for movers to just pick up from their old state, transfer everything to the new one and begin fresh. This is pertaining to the emotional aspect. But this article focuses primarily on the more concrete and material agenda, which is tips on how movers can actually make it simple and less complicated. This is local moving.

“Local move” is the term referring to the moving of household items that is 100 miles from the point of origin to its final destination. It is within the same state. When a person moves beyond 99 miles in the same state, then this is called “intrastate move.” If the person is traveling across the state lines, then that is referred to as “interstate moves.”

When a person or a family is doing local moves, they are billed per hour. As for the intrastate and interstate moves, a person or a family is billed depending on the weight and size of their total shipment.

When doing a local move, choose a moving company. The moving company will then send an estimator or a sales person. His job is to give you a free moving estimate. Take note that the estimate must include separate amount for you, the mover, as well as the insurance, materials and packing.

Check if it has the address of your destination. If you are not sure what the exact address of your destination is when the estimates are being made, then the price will primarily change depending on the conditions of your final address. These conditions are the distance from the moving truck to the front door, the number of steps if there are stairs and how accessible your final destination is from the moving van.

For everything to be clear, make sure that the estimator gets a look of your destination before he hands you the final estimate.

Be aware that each state has different rules when it comes to moving estimates. For example, in California, the moving company provides you with a fixed price even before the move starts. The guaranteed price is the amount the company charges you for the services they provide. This is done in writing because verbal estimates are illegal. This law was made in order to prevent companies from stating low estimates via phone conversations and then charging their clients twice the amount mentioned on the moving day itself.

It is best that you do your research on moving companies. Naturally, they will offer different estimates. Compare the guaranteed price of the estimates and choose the moving company that will allow you to maximize your budget and at the same time provide you with the best service you can afford.

You have the right to ask the estimator the names of the movers. It is better that you know the foreman and the helpers who will be assisting you on moving days. When you hire a moving company, be acquainted to the movers because these movers are essentially part of the contract you signed.

You also have the right to choose what size the van should be. Make sure that the size of the truck arriving at your residence on moving day is what you agreed on. This is because van is also a part of the contract.

There are local companies charging their clients the similar rate whether they agreed on a 12-foot van or 50-foot van. Check with the estimator and ask whether he agrees to provide empty space in your van. Paying per hour allows you to make double trips but adds additional expenses. Consider the pros and cons of whether you get one or two vans.

Now when you are packing, you can actually do it three ways: You can do it yourself, you can have the local moving company assist you, or you can have them pack it themselves.

Since the movers and helpers are already paid for, some clients actually go for the second way, which is letting the local moving company assist in packing. The packers will be responsible in packing the delicate items like breakable glass, chine and ceramics. Besides, the more experience in packing, the more assurance the client has on the safety of these prized possessions.

Here are a few reminders: Keep a watchful eye on the movers while they are helping you pack and loading your possessions. You have to be familiar with your destination, meaning that there is sufficient space for the truck you hired in front of your new home on moving day.

Most importantly, plan your whole move. The less surprises in store for you on moving day, the more calm you will be in settling into your new home.

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